Defying Gravity Space Suits are saw in Eureka  episodes :   

  • 2 in "Clash of the Titans" ( S4E17 )
  • 3 in "Lost" ( S5E01 )


So :

  • Evram Mintz : re-used by Neil Grayston as Dr Douglas Fargo
  • Paula Morales : re-used by Felicia Day as Dr Holly Martin and Tembi Loche as Grace Monroe
  • Production Made Space Suite : used by Niall Matter as Zane Donovan

Note : Jen Crane Space suit was prepared to use in Eureka, but did never appeared on screen.


"Clash of the Titans" ( S4E17 )

"Lost" ( S5E01 )

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Headquaters in Eureka episode
Headquaters in Eureka episode
ISO Center for comparison !
ISO Center for comparison !